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Wide Range of Products in Regina

Pat’s Pets & Supplies Ltd. in Regina carries several products for your pets, including food, and we have animals ready to go to their new homes.


NEW Petobee

What is a raw diet, and why should you feed it to your pet?

NO dyes
NO preservatives
NO heat processing
NO grains
NO fillers

If you wish to feed your dog or cat raw food, Peto Bee is the brand for you. Suitable for all breeds and sizes, it is produced in British Columbia and available in freeze dried treats as well.


Smack pet food improves the coat, digestive system, energy, and muscle mass. This food is a great choice for working, sport, and family dogs alike! You will notice a big difference in your dog’s agility and strength. For optimal health and a fantastic coat to match, serve Smack.


This high quality pet food is available for dogs and cats of all sizes, ages, and breeds. There are dry, canned, organic, and grain-free options to choose from.


This type of food is pet food with a purpose, design to provide your dog or cat with wholesome nutrition. Their small-batch production ensures optimal quality.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild pet food gives your dog or cat the natural, grain-free formula their body’s need, based on the ancestral diet of their breed. Quality meats and probiotics are in every bag.


This brand is made in Canada and offers dry and freeze dried food for dogs and cats, along with cat and dog treats.


This brand of food has won awards for their biologically appropriate formulas. Using fresh regional ingredients, they manufacture dog food and treats, as well as cat food, with unique flavors such as lamb and apple available.

Pure Vita

Pure Vita is available at Pat’s Pets & Supplies Ltd. , and this brand has been around for over 50 years. There are natural holistic pet food blends for dogs and cats.

Natural Planets

Natural Planets is an organic, dry food for dogs, with formulas custom designed to fit your dog’s size, breed, age, and nutritional requirements (sensitive stomach, hairball control, etc).

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo, made in Connecticut, is a high quality dog and cat food brand that has wet and dry food, including the Wilderness line, along with treats to choose from. They have puppy, adult, and senior food.


Nutram food is made with all natural recipes, using meat grown without the use of hormones. Your pet receives the freshest food possible when you feed them this brand, made for dogs and cats.

Holistic Blend

Pat’s Pets and Supplies Ltd. has Holistic Blend food formulas for dogs and cats, as well as treats.


Tuffy’s Pet Food for dogs and cats provides a 100% nutritionally balanced formula and is a brand associated with NutriSource food.

Now in Stock

Baby Red Ear Turtles $59.99 each and Yellow Belly Turtles $79.99 each.
*Quantities are Limited.

Nutreco Grain Free Dog Food

Product of Canada. Free Run Chicken Meal Recipe. 25 lb bags. Buy 1 bag and get the 2nd bag for 1/2 price.
*Promotion expires Oct 31, 2017.

Penn Plax Canister & Cascade 500 Filters

Regular Price $209.99 each. On sale for $125.99 each.
*Promotion expires Oct 31, 2017.


Pat’s Pets & Supplies Ltd. is the place to find healthy, well-behaved, and of course, adorable pets.

We have small mammals, including adorable baby ferrets, along with rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, and chinchillas.

Our birds include common and exotic finches, budgies, canaries, cockatiels, and love birds. We also have several types of conures, Amazon parrots, African Greys, and cockatoos.

Our reptiles include several colors of corn and king snakes, fancy and common bearded dragons, crested geckos, and leopard geckos.

We usually have a tortoise or 2 in house as well as many more exotic reptiles that vary as we transition animals into or out of our store.

Stop in and find your new family member today!

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